10 Offices We’d Like to Live In

Offices are usually the last place you’d look for inspirations for the home, but you might get an idea or two from these innovative work spaces… 

1. This light-drenched minimal industrial workspace belongs to a branding and graphic design studio located in Illinois called Knoed Creative. The owners kept the interiors casual and comfortable, and also replaced the fluorescent lighting with globe lights that give off a soft, warm light to create a more relaxed mood conducive for late working nights.  

2. We’re going to cheat a bit here and include the Airbnb office in San Francisco, which has a meeting room that’s modelled after one of the site’s most popular listings located in Amsterdam. 

3. We absolutely love this informal cuboid platform with varying heights in Aol’s workspace in California. Groups can sit, lie, or stand around for a casual get-together, whether to discuss work or have lunch.

4. This design incorporates nature right into the workstations at leather company Sisii. Designed by Yuko Nagayama & Associates, the company’s office and showroom located in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan is a lovely way to bring the serenity of the outdoors, indoors. 

5. A pioneer when it comes to creative workspaces for savvy startups, Facebook took employee welfare into another level by roping in studio o+a to interview the staff on what they wanted for their office, and what would make their experience and productivity better. Their headquarters in California turned out to be as creative and homely as any office can get. 

6. The number of work desks were reduced to fill Tollensfabriek’s office in Netherlands with mobile and modular furniture for a more flexible work space. We also love how the design firm, innvire | workplace innovation, zoned this expansive commercial unit and injected an element of fun at the same time with the help of artificial grass.  

7. Before moving their entire workforce in, Urban Outfitters got the help of Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle to breathe new life into a century-old building in Philadelphia which was originally a navy shipyard. The building’s rusted steel beams were preserved, rough paint was sealed to keep the rugged finish, and rugged timbers were upcycled into stairways to reflect the trendy industrial theme of today.


8. Practising what they preach, wall decals company Blik clad the walls of its design studio in California with some fun wall art to liven up the neutral palette of the furniture.

9. We love how architect firm Spacesmith and design studio Hong Kong firm B & Co have created small cosy corners to zone the sprawling (and otherwise austere) single-story office of Li & Fung’s USA women’s apparel located within the Empire State Building. 

10. M Moser Associates created a playground of sorts for the staff of Ogilvy & Mather in Jakarta by flanking the staircase of this multi-purpose area with staggered benches and a slide.

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