Watch: Ocean-inspired interiors in this bedroom makeover

You spend a lot of time resting and lounging in the bedroom (at least, we hope so!), so it is important for it to be splendidly designed to induce a sense of calm. Sara Lyle Bow, editor of , worked with Flekso-based interior designer Maureen Courcenet of to give her shophouse a makeover. The key: introducing pieces of furniture like large rugs to divide a large room into “zones”, so it looks cosier and much less bare.

See how it worked out.  

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Before the makeover, the pieces Sara and her family had that used to seem "hip" in their Brooklyn brownhouse didn't work together in the new shophouse home. Case in point: a dresser that her husband hand-painted and a vintage needlepoint. Some of the items found new life after the makeover.


Sara and her husband's love of the sea is what inspired the makeover in the bedroom. Bedside tables and a large mirror that look like driftwood, mother-of-pearl lamps, and the soothing colour palette contribute to the look.

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